Formatting assignments
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Your work should be written in essay format with references to wider reading (a referencing guide is provided on the student portal under resources). We would ask that you take note of the level of your course and take this on board when writing your work. For example, a level 4 course will be different to that of a level 2 course and your answers will need to show a higher level of understanding and depth in comparison. As a (very) rough guide, your tutor will be looking for at least a page per question.

All assignments must be completed in Microsoft Word or Works format using one document for al assignment questions. If using Works, you will need to change the page setup to A4 and not the standard letter format.

 The first page of your assignment must be the assignment submission sheet.

Which includes the following details:

  1. a) Your full name
  2. b) Your student number
  3. c) Your course name
  4. d) Your assignment number
  5. e) Your full postal address
  6. f) Date of submission


Subsequent pages should be numbered and display your name and student number.

 Your work should be written using Arial, size 12 font, 1.5 line spacing and be fully justified (even margins on both sides).

 Ensure that you number the question exactly as it is written out in the course and write out the question fully above each answer.  

A referencing guide has been provided for your convenience and is available through the student portal.  

Please look under the resources section on your dashboard, where you will be able to download this.

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