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Useful Vocabulary
Posted by Helen Pusey on 12 November 2015 09:20 PM

When you are completing your assignments, you will come across a number of different terms.  To help you understand what an assignment question requires, we have put together a list of key vocabulary and their meanings:


Analyse – to consider and explain a particular topic in detail to see an outcome/meaning.

Critically Analyse – consider  a particular topic/ surrounding issue in detail looking at both benefits and limitations

Describe – to give a written/spoken account of surrounding a particular topic

Discuss – to explain and explore an issue in detail

Evaluate – explain a particular object/topics worth or value (considering benefits and limitations)

Identify – naming an object/topic and explaining this in relation to the question

Outline – this is simply an organised description of a particular topic/object, picking up on main points

Summarise -  to give a concise/overall explanation surrounding a particular topic


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